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Welcome KOG Coaches

Step 1 - Read and sign the coach agreement.

Step 2 - Click on the link to sign your team up for pictures. This is for your whole team.

Coach Agreement

Hello coaches,
We are looking forward to serving your Kids of Grace league! Please read over some information, and submit the agreement below.

1.) Pictures will be taken individually, and then the group made graphically.
2.) In order to be in the team picture, your player/coach must be present on picture day at the scheduled time. This is very important to be able to keep all the team information straight, wearing the same uniform, and for posing reasons.
3.) Please deliver team pictures within a 2-week period.
4.) Please refer parents to Olive Photography with photo questions.

I understand the above photo/coach requirements.

Thanks for submitting!

Team Picture Sign up here

Click below to use Sign Up Genius to schedule your team

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