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Attention School Administrators 

Saftey First

Safety measures in place to ensure your student's safety. Cleaning between Cohorts or classrooms. Photographers take great care to wear a  Mask or Shield, with limited contact per child.

School Rewards

With a school Contract Agreement


~ Student ID Cards

~ Staff ID Badges

~ Complimentary Yearbook Disc

with school software integration.


Easy online ordering for parents.

Reminder Posters with QR Link to access online order forms.

Class Photos

Safe Groups

Our Class photos are digitally created. Each child individually photographed, then combined. This keeps everyone safe, but also give each child their best photo!

A Note from The photographer

This year is like no other. School pictures are such an important part of school tradition. Showing a student from one year to the next is so important. Don't let your school miss out on pictures. Please consider supporting your local photographer!



                                                          Olivia Behrendt

 Contact us at 503-266-1515



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